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Main Number: (951) 827- 3113

Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 11:45 a.m. & 1 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Math Instructional Support Guide (Staff Support Duties)


Financial and Administrative Officer - Melissa Gomez

951-827-3021   Skye 215    melissa.gomez@ucr.edu

As Business Officer, Melissa is responsible to manage financial, personnel, student affairs, teaching and research support infrastructure operations with the Chair. As Chief Staff, she is responsible for administrative operations.

Financial Operations Manager - Cathy Munoz

951-827-3222   Skye 214    cathy.olson@ucr.edu

Cathy will assist Melissa in overseeing operations and will be the supervisor of the financial analysts within the Departments of Mathematics and Statistics and the other supported units that the Statistics Administration currently supports. Cathy will also have a PI workload for Contracts and Grants.

Financial Analyst - Crissy Reising

951-827-3019   Skye 212    crissyr@ucr.edu

Crissy is responsible for providing financial/budget analysis and fiscal management for the department. The Financial Analyst supervises the Accounting Assistant and the IT Coordinator & Chair's Assistant, reconciles ledgers, processes all pre-awards, administers all contracts & grants expenditures, prepares monthly PI statements and miscellaneous faculty reports. Crissy also serves in an advisory capacity to the FAO and the Chair.

IT Coordinator - James Marberry

951-827-2568   Skye 211A    jamesm@math.ucr.edu

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James develops and maintains the department website and oversees the office server. The IT Coordinator oversees all department computer / tech / media. He coordinates room assignments and room reservations in Surge and Pierce (organization, booking, maintenance and special requests with Physical Plant). James also completes TA office hours and serves as the Department Safety Coordinator (DSC).

Travel and Accounting Coordinator - Joyce Sphabmisai (on leave)

951-827-3116  Skye 212    joycesph@ucr.edu

Joyce is currently out of the office on leave. Please contact another member of the staff for assistance. Joyce is the department iTravel Coordinator and the primary purchaser of supplies and materials in support of Instructional Operations, Faculty Research, and Contract & Grants. The Accounting Assistant also processes the department's mail and makes reservations for Fleet Services and Transportation and Parking Services. Joyce is also responsible for work order requests for Telecom as well as the coordinator for ePay reimbursements.

Academic Scheduling Assistant - Randy Morgan

951-827-3114   Skye 208    randym@ucr.edu

Randy assists the Chair, Vice-Chair, Academic Coordinator and FAO with coordinating instructional schedule and teaching appointments.  Randy also coordinates the Summer Session schedule.  He will work closely with staff in the CNAS Enrollment Management Center and the Graduate Advising office. Randy will be responsible for scheduling meetings and maintaining calendars as requested by the Chair and FAO. Randy also maintains the departmental instructional textbooks, coordinates the management of department's keys and processes exam printing.

Academic Coordinator - Rob Lam

951-827-3117   Skye 276A    roblam@math.ucr.edu

Graduate Student Services Advisor - Margarita Roman

951-827-3090   Skye 216    margarita.roman@ucr.edu

Margarita handles all graduate student affairs issues for the Department of Mathematics. She is the primary contact for graduate admissions, graduate student enrollment issues and any  other related matters.

CNAS Enrollment Management - Gabriela Ochoa

951-827-3805   Batchelor Hall 1140F    gabriela.ochoa@ucr.edu

Gabriela handles all aspects of enrollment management and academic support: undergraduate enrollment, concurrent enrollment, course proposals, scheduling, and articulation.


- CNAS Personnel Center -

HARVEST Shared Services (Payroll and Leave Coordination) - Alberto Lopez/Amanda Stuart(Payroll) & Orlandrea Bryson (Leave Coordinator)

951-827-4816 (Alberto) / 951-827-4893 (Amanda) / 951-827-4799 (Orlandrea) College Building North 203 
napsupodb@ucr.edu (Alberto and Amanda) / 

APSU (Academic Personnel) - Tavia Rivera

951-827-3997 (Tavia)  College Building North 301   tavia.rivera@ucr.edu


Undergraduate Advisor - Javier Ramirez

951-827-7288  Pierce 1223  javier.ramirez@ucr.edu


For advising hours see CNAS Undergraduate Academic Advising Center

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