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Front Window Hours:
M-F 9:00 - 11:30 a.m. & 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.


The Math Department staff is currently working a hybrid schedule during normal business hours.
The quickest way to get in contact with a member of the staff is email or phone. Please contact us with any questions.


Math Instructional Support Guide (Staff Support Duties)

Quick Reference Directory

Melissa Gomez

Melissa Gomez

Financial and Administrative Officer

Skye 215

As Business Officer, Melissa is responsible to manage financial, personnel, student affairs, teaching and research support infrastructure operations with the Chair. As Chief Staff, she is responsible for the oversight of all financial and administrative operations for the department and Interdisciplinary Center for Quantitative Modeling in Biological Systems.

Cathy Munoz

Cathy Munoz

Financial Operations Manager

Skye 214

Cathy is responsible for the day to day management of all financial operations within the department. She is responsible for providing financial/budget analysis and fiscal management for the department. She works closely with  and serves as a backup to the FAO.

Crissy Ward, UCR Mathematics

Crissy Ward

Financial Services Analyst II

Skye 212

Crissy is the primary contact for Contract and Grant Administration within the department. She reconciles ledgers, processes all pre-awards, administers all contracts & grants expenditures, prepares monthly PI statements and miscellaneous faculty reports. Crissy also serves in an advisory capacity to the FOM, FAO and the Chair.

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Demi Kim

Contract & Grants Analyst I

Skye 212

Demi is the Contracts and Grants Analyst 1 for the department. She assists faculty with budget preparation and management for pre-award and post-award. She is also serving as a backup for travel and purchasing.


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Andrea Yescas

Procurement Analyst II

Skye 218/Skye 215

Andrea is the Procurement Analyst II for the department. Andrea is the primary contact for all procurement needs for the department and initiates and researches all vendor contracts.  Serving as part of the math finance team, Andrea also assists visitors, faculty and students with reimbursements. 

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James Marberry

IT Coordinator

Skye 211A

James develops and maintains the department website and oversees the office server. The IT Coordinator oversees all department computer / tech / media. He coordinates room assignments and room reservations in Skye Hall and Webber Hall (organization, booking, maintenance and special requests with Physical Plant). James also completes TA office hours and serves as the Department Safety Coordinator (DSC).

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Margarita Roman

Graduate Student Services Supervisor

Skye 216

Margarita handles all graduate student affairs issues for the Department of Mathematics. She supervises the Student Affairs Team and oversees the teaching schedule process. She is also the primary contact for graduate admissions, graduate student enrollment issues and any other related matters.

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Randy Morgan

Student Affairs Assistant

Skye 218

Randy assists the Chair, Vice-Chair, Academic Coordinator and FAO with coordinating instructional schedule and teaching appointments. Randy also coordinates the Summer Session schedule. He works closely with staff in the CNAS Enrollment Management Center and the Graduate Student Services Advisor.

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Kathryn Aquino

Student Services Advisor

Skye 208

Kathryn assists the Student Services Supervisor with the graduate program, manages the front window, is the primary contact for visitors and guests to the department. Kathryn supervises the student assistant team and  also maintains the departmental instructional textbooks, processes exam printing and is responsible for key distribution.

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Savanna Gee

Academic Coordinator

Skye 217 

Savanna Gee works with the Mathematics Department chair to coordinate the creation and implementation of undergraduate courses. In addition, Savanna supports faculty and undergrads in the use of online homework systems and iLearn. She also works with Dr. Poon to create the Math Department's microtutorials.

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Amanda Morales

CNAS Enrollment Management

Batchelor Hall 1140F

Amanda handles all aspects of enrollment management and academic support: undergraduate enrollment, concurrent enrollment, course proposals, scheduling, and articulation.

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