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This page has resources, videos and links to reference, but I am always available for help during business hours:
You can always email me and ask a question of schedule a time for us to talk over Zoom and I can help with whatever issues you are having or offer advice on tools and devices.


Wacom Tablets

Our graduate students have been provided with Wacom bluetooth drawing tablets to assist with remote teaching.

If you are using one here are some helpful videos to reference. I will have my own up soon and again you can always ask me (James Marberry) for help or advice.


Useful Apps

Whether you are using a Wacom tablet, a Surface Pro, iPad or a laptop with touchscreen you may want to try these Apps to help with you teaching.

  • Onenote: The most used and recommended app is Microsoft Onenote. Under View > Rule Lines > You can set the look of grid lines for your file with choices for sheet paper to graph paper. File > Export will allow you to save anything you have written as a Onenote, Word or PDF file that you can reference yourself or give to your students. You can also mark up a preexisting PDF in Onenote if you want to prepare something and add notes to it for you class. If you have a modern Windows machine this program will likely already be installed on your computer.
  • Notability or Good Notes for MAC: These will work much like Onenote for Windows. You can change "papersize", grid lines, erase whole words at once, etc.



Zoom is the main online teaching tool used by the department. Zoom Pro allows for larger classes, recording and other features.

UCR's Keep Learning website can be used for upgrading your Zoom account to pro and notes on installing, upgrading, quick start, setting up reaccuring classes (meetings), security sessions, help with zoomboming, and basics like how to share your screen. Familiarize yourself with this page and its resources.

Zoom Pro account access: All instructors/TAs should upgrade their UCR Zoom accounts to the Zoom Pro via campus licensing. Please follow these instructions in order to create and/or upgrade your account:

  1. If you have not yet created your UCR Zoom - first login to UCR.ZOOM.US with your NetID and password. This will create a Basic account for the 40 minute limit.
  2. Once a Basic Zoom account is created, please email asking to be upgraded to a Pro license with the following basic information: Name, NetID, Title, Contact Information.



iLearn is used for communication with students and grade tracking.

iLearn Instructions provided by Savanna Gee. Please email Savanna if you have questions about iLearn.



Gradescope is a system for grading students work using technology.

The Gradescope website for log in and instructions. If you have questions please email Savanna Gee.



Virtual Private Network

This system will allow user to access systems normally only available when in the UCR Network (On Campus).

What is a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

A VPN is a secure tunnel that is established between your computer and the network you are connecting to. It protects your data as it is transmitted through the public internet. When working remotely, either while traveling or while at home, you can use a VPN connection to access secure campus resources as if you were on campus.

VPN services at UCR are available to faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students. The below article describes the GlobalProtect VPN. GlobalProtect VPN PaloAlto Network's is the preferred method of accessing UCR resources remotely. GlobalProtect is a program you install on your computer or device to establish a VPN connection with UC Riverside. This allows you to remotely access campus resources (example: Library services) that are restricted to on-campus use.

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