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Our Math Administrative team ( ) is responsible for filling out textbooks requisition forms each quarter so the bookstore can order books for students. It is the responsibility of the the faculty to verify texts to be used in the coming quarter and to inform the math staff of any change of texts before orders are made. The team will email faculty and ask them to verify the text to be used for the coming quarter.

Textbooks for Math 004 to 046 are set by a committee and are not open to change.

After receiving verification, the requisition forms will be sent. If a faculty member is intending to use a new text please inform our Administrative team and the math staff ASAP as it can take weeks to obtain instructor copies.

Instructor copies may be checked out from the math front office, Skye Hall 208. Instructions, forms and a list of texts for the quarter are posted on the bookshelves. Departmental textbooks are checked out on by quarter basis and are expected to be returned at the end of instruction. As instructor copies can be hard to obtain, please return books promptly so colleagues may be able to check out their needed texts.

Classroom Supplies:

Supplies - whiteboard markers, chalk, erasers, notepads, etc. - are kept in the math front office, Skye 208. Faculty, lecturers and grads are free to take what is needed for teaching instruction. If other classroom materials are needed please contact James ( ) or our Finance team ( ) and if authorized, additional supplies will be ordered.


The Math Finance team ( ) handles all purchasing transactions for math faculty and staff.


If you are notified of a package that has been received for you in the office, be sure to sign the Receiving Log in the math front office, Skye 208 (on the small table by the mailbag).


All travel and reimbursements are handled by the Math Finance team ( )  Please be sure to return itemized original receipts showing the method of payment used. Receipts must be returned to the team with 2 days to allow for timely processing.

Contracts & Grants:

The Math Finance team ( ) is responsible for grant proposals (eCaf) and monthly funding reporting and reconciliation.


The Math Administrative team ( ) is responsible for key inventory and distribution. When a new faculty member or teaching assistant arrives, he or she is assigned a predetermined set of keys. Keys are checked out for the duration of the faculty's, lecturer's or grad student's stay unless otherwise stated and noted. If additional keys are need, please see or contact our Administrative team. If the request is authorized, the team will ask the requestor to come in and sign a form before distributing any keys.


Room Reservations for Math Department Controlled Rooms:

Current Bookings
Skye 284 60 (Built in Projector) 284 Calendar Request Form
Skye 268 35 (Projector on cart) 268 Calendar Request Form
Skye 277 15 (NO screen for projector) 277 Calendar Request Form
Skye 347 30 (Built in Projector) 347 Calendar Request Form
Bookstore Annex 128 30 (Built in Projector) Annex 128 Calendar Request Form
*All rooms are booked to start 10 minutes after the hour or half hour to allow for transition time and setup.
  1. Check room availability via Room Calendars.
  2. Fill out and submit the form.
  3. You will receive a submission (not booking) confirmation.
  4. James will email you a booking confirmation and then your booking will show up on the calendar.
  • Alternate dates and times on required on all requests. If a room appears open on the calendar does not mean someone has not already requested the room before you.
  • Room Requests on Weekends will require the requestor to have a building key. If you are not sure if you have one, you can check with the Math Administrative team ( about verifying or obtaining a building key.



There are two projectors, two laptops and 1 laser pointer/clicker that may be requested by faculty and grads for classes and seminars. They are available weekdays from 8:10 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. It is by a first come (request), first serve basis. Please fill out a Department Equipment Use Request Form - more details are on the form, so please read all notes. After submitting a request you will receive a submission (not booking) confirmation. James will send you a booking confirmation once you requested date/time/equipment has been assigned to you.

*Any event ending at 4:30 p.m. or after will require the requestor to hold the equipment in his or her office overnight (or over the weekend). 

Final Exam Retention: 

All final exams must be held for one year from the time of the exam was given. Exams can be held in faculty offices, or if needed, they can be boxed and given to the Staff in the Administrative Offices in Skye Hall 202 suite (exams cannot be given to student workers) to hold for one year only. The exams must be boxed with a lid and labeled. Also, all exams must labeled by quarter, instructor and class.

The Math Staff will automatically send the exams to be shredded when the holding year is up. If instructors have been holding exams in their offices, they should turn them into front office Math Staff to be shredded one year from quarter exams were given.

Exam Printing:

Exam printing is done on the Math Department copier primarily by the Administrative team ( ). Fill out the Exam Print Order Request Form . Please submit exams as soon as possible as most courses give exams around the same time and the copier is only free to use some of the time. Submit a week in advance before exams are needed - not counting the day of the exam, weekends/holidays and not counting the day of submission if done after 12:00 noon. The form will allow you to choose paper color, stapling, 1 sided or two sided. The first version of an exam is always printed on white paper to save on costs and to ensure there are enough materials for all exams to be printed.

Once an exam is ready, the instructor or designated proctor will be email to come collect and sign for the exams from the math offices.

*Instructors may print copies of their own exams. Colored paper may be acquired from the math department office for printing 2nd and 3rd versions of exams.


Each faculty member, lecturer and grad student is given a copier code. Codes are chosen by faculty/lecturers/grads and entered by James ( ). This code is unique to the user and helps the math department keep track of use and costs. Each page printed costs the department money as the copier machine is leased from UCR Printing and Repographics.

Enrollment Issues:

Enrollment issues for math courses are handled by the CNAS Enrollment Management Center in Batchelor Hall 1140F. Amanda Morales ( / 951-827-3805 / Batchelor Hall 1140 ).

Grading/Grade Changes:

Final letter grades for all courses are submitted to the Registrar using iGrade. For information about iGrade, please visit the iGrade information website at It is the instructor(s) of record that submit final letter grades.

Scores for assessments during the quarter can be posted to iLearn at the discretion of the instructor(s). See this site:

The main contact for a Grade Change is Amanda Morales ( / 951-827-3805 / Batchelor Hall 1140 ) in the CNAS Enrollment Management Center ( Batchelor Hall 1140F ). The department usually has Grade Change forms in the main math office. It is the  instructor's responsibility to fill out and mail or walk the completed form to Amanda Morales or a CNAS Enrollment Management Center support staff member. To mail the form: use a interdepartmental envelope and use the address: Amanda Morales Batchelor Hall 1140F and put the envelope in the brown bag in the front math office, Skye Hall 208.


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