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Math Pathways Visual Chart

  • THE MATH DEPARTMENT DOES NOT ADVISE STUDENTS on progression information.
  • The Math Department (through the CNAS Enrollment Management Center) can only place you in an appropriate class based on what you have already taken or tested into. 
  • Only your advisor can tell you which progression path you should be taking. Please see your advisor for information on which path you should choose.
  • For Math majors: Your advisor will direct you on which path to start out on, but in the end, all of the above Math classes must be taken for a BA and BS degree.

Non Math Majors

Paths Classes in Order 
Path #1 Math 4  Math 22
Path #2 Math 5  Math 9A  Math 9B  Math 9C
Path #3 Math 5 → Math 9A  Math 9B  Math 46
Path #4 Math 5  Math 9A  Math 9B  Math 10A  Math 10B
Path #5 Math 6A  Math 6B  Math 9A → Math 9B  Math 9C
Path #6 Math 6A  Math 6B  Math 9A → Math 9B  Math 46
Path #7 Math 6A  Math 6B  Math 9A → Math 9B  Math 10A  Math 10B
Notice Once a student has tested into Math 4, 5, or 6A, the above progressions are possible. If a student has tested directly into 9A, they would start further into one of the progression paths above.



Math Majors

Math Majors Must Take the Following Math Classes:
  006B : Introduction to College Math for Science or 009A : First-Year Calculus Part I
  009B : First-Year Calculus Part II
  009C : First-Year Calculus Part III
  010A : Calculus of Several Variables
  010B : Calculus of Several Variable Part II
  046 : Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations


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