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Vernon Kramer Memorial Service Award
Vernon Kramer Award pictures - in order left to right - Jilian Wang, Kevin Gao, Tyler Pierce and Zachary Virgilio

The 2023-24 Vernon Kramer Memorial Service Award winners are: Jialin Wang (pictured top left), Kevin Gao (pictured top right), Tyler Pierce (pictured bottom left), and Zachary Virgilio (pictured bottom right). Thank you so much, we truly appreciate your extensive support of the UCR math community this year.

To read about their contributions, please visit the Vernon Kramer Memorial Service Award page.

2024 CNAS Academic Excellence Awards

The Math Department proudly announces that Riley Hunke & Sudhir Murthy are among the winners of the 2024 CNAS Academic Excellence Awards. Congratulations!

M.M. Rao Award
Rahul Rajkumar UCR Math

The 2023-2024 M.M. Rao Award Graduate Fellowship Award winner is Rahul Rajkumar. Rahul is pursuing probability theory as his research area and already has results on the component processes of diffusion processes in a finite dimensional vector space over the p-adic numbers and on scaling limits. Congratulations!

Bryce Mason Award

The Math Department proudly announces the 2024 winner of the Bryce Mason Award is Darius Mahamedi. The award recognizes Darius for excellence in mathematics and contributing to our positive learning environment.

Congratulations Darius!

Bosch Prize

Jana Fahs won the Bosch Award 2023-2024 for her outstanding course performance and undergraduate research. She has presented her work in both the UCR undergraduate research symposium and the Mathematical Pathways to an Excellent Future conference.

Congratulations Jana!

Outstanding Visiting Assistant Professor Awards
VAP Awards 2023 - 2024 (Courtney George left, Hassan Attarchi right)

This year the UCR Mathematics Outstanding Visiting Assistant Professor Awards go to Courtney George (pictured left), Hassan Attarchi (pictured right), Fazel Hadadifard and Matthew Harper. Congratulations! To learn about their accomplishments and contributions for the 2023-2024 academic year, please visit the VAP awards page.

Outstanding TA Awards

Every Academic year the Teaching Assistant Development Program recognizes the outstanding teaching assistants selected by each of the UC Riverside departments. Though it is difficult to choose a select few out our Teaching Assitants' consistently strong efforts, every year a number of TAs manage to find a way to stand out from the group.

Please join us in congratulating our most recent recipients of the Outstanding TA award: Bill Terry, Emerald Win, Jialin Wang, Kevin Gao, Khoi Vo, Michael Gulas, Ryan Aschoff, Shane Rankin, Tyler Pierce and Zach Virgilio.

Math Department TAs

Ketchersid Scholarship 2023-2024

Winners of the Ketchersid Scholarship are chosen out of many eligible applicants. Several stand out students are chosen based on their academic achievements and their financial need which each student demonstrates in their submitted essay. The UCR Math Department's congratulations go to the math undergraduates listed below:

Aliyah Bello, Cristian Herrera, Jacob Gower, Jonathan Martinez, Kimberly Arreguin, Maritssa Nolasco, Moises Ruano, Rayan Awais, William Murray, Xavier Madrid

Chancellor’s Award in Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement - Qixuan Wang
Qixuan Wang - Chancellor’s Award in Undergraduate Education

For her collaborations with undergraduates on modeling hair follicle growth and modeling the effect of ionizing radiation on hair follicle degeneration, Professor Qixuan Wang is this year's winner of the Chancellor’s Award in Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement.

The Math Department congratulates Dr. Qixuan Wang and these outstanding achievements.

Associate Professor - Qixuan Wang
Qixuan Wang UCR Math

For her groundbreaking mathematical modeling of micro swimmers, hair follicle growth, and embryonic development, the university will promote Dr. Qixuan Wang to Associate Professor, effective July 1st. In addition to her fantastic research accomplishments, Dr. Wang is a prolific mentor of undergraduate research of the highest quality. The Math Department congratulates Dr. Qixuan Wang and wishes her continued success in her remarkable career.


Edward A. Dickson Emerita Professor, 2024-2025: Mei-Chu Chang
Mei-Chu Chang, UCR

Professor Emerita Mei-Chu Chang has been named the Edward A. Dickson Emerita Professor, 2024 - 2025. For more on Professor Chang's remarkable career please go to


CNAS Scholarship
Andrea Stine, UCR

Please join us in congratulating Andrea Stine on being awarded the CNAS Scholarship Inclusive Excellence Travel Fund Award!

The Inclusive Excellence Travel Fund will be awarded to underrepresented graduate students in a STEM field of study who have the opportunity to meaningfully participate in an academic conference (in person or virtual) and are making acceptable progress within normative time toward a degree.

NSF Career Award - Weitao Chen
Weitao Chen, UCR Mathematics

The Mathematics Department proudly announces that Professor Weitao Chen is the winner of the National Science Foundation CAREER Award on Multiscale Model for Cell Morphogenesis and Tissue Development in Plant Leaves.

NSF Career Award - Brian Collier
Brian Collier, UC Riverside Mathematics

The Mathematics Department proudly announces that Professor Brian Collier is the winner of the National Science Foundation CAREER Award on Higgs bundles and Anosov representations.


Dr. Larry Harper sketch by Dr. John de Pillis
Dr. Larry Harper Remembered

The Mathematics Department extends its deepest sympathies to family and friends of Professor Emeritus Larry Harper. Dr. Harper passed away peacefully last October. Dr. Harper was a great contributor to mathematics, an influential colleague and a friend to so many.

To read about his contributions to math and connections with his peers and students, please click here.

Illustration by Dr. John de Pillis


UCR Microtutorial 2

The Microtutorials in Mathematics project team at UCR has conceived a new approach to producing a collection of micro-tutorials as supplementary instructional and learning materials. The intent is to assist the students and instructors to connect calculus with applications in various subject matters. The students could use them freely on any topics of their choice.  The videos are produced with follow-up questions to enable instructors to flip their classrooms if desired. For details, please visit its website:

Learn More


Math Alliance
Math Alliance: Providing educational success to underrepresented and first-generation students is an important part of UCR's mission.

"Our goal is simple: we want to be sure that every underrepresented or under-served American student with the talent and the ambition has the opportunity to earn a doctoral degree in a mathematical or statistical science."

If you are interested in becoming a Math Alliance Scholar, please feel free to contact Dr. Matthew Durham. The benefits include access to Math Alliances Facilitated Graduate Applications Process and possible funding to go the the Alliance's Field of Dreams conference.


6th Richard E. Block Distinguished Lecture in Mathematics
June 05, 2024 @ 4:00 pm
Skye 284
Bernard Leclerc Université de Caen, France   Real or Imaginary? These contrasting notions appear in several places in mathematics. Real or imaginary numbers, real or imaginary quadratic fields, real or imaginary roots in a root system ... In this talk I will consider new items in this list: real or imaginary…
Breaking glass optimally and Minkowski's problem for polytopes
May 15, 2024 @ 4:00 pm
Jian-Guo Liu, Duke University  Motivated by a study of least-action incompressible flows, we study all of the ways that a given convex body in Euclidean space can break into countably many pieces that move away from each other rigidly at constant velocity. Assuming they satisfy a least-action principle from optimal…
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