Tentative Graduate Course Offerings & Syllabi


Course #

Course Titles




201A Algebra X    
201B Algebra   X  
201C Algebra     X
205A Topology X    
205B Topology   X  
205C Topology     X
206A Applied Mathematics X    
206B Applied Mathematics   X  
206C Applied Mathematics     X
207A Ordinary Differential Equations X    
207B Partial Differential Equations I   X  
207C Partial Differential Equations II     X
209A Real Analysis X    
209B Real Analysis   X  
209C Real Analysis     X
210A Complex Analysis X    
210B Complex Analysis    X  
210C Complex Analysis      X
212 Partial Differential Equations      
222 Algebraic Group      
223 Algebraic Number Theory      
225 Commutative Algebra      
227A Lie Algebras      
227B Lie Algebras      
228 Functional Analysis      
242 Mathematical Physics: Quantum Mechanics      
243A Algebraic Geometry      
243B Algebraic Geometry      
246A Algebraic Topology      
246B Algebraic Topology      
260 Various Seminars (Check Online Schedule) X X X
401 Teaching      

 * This listing is for a series. Units shown are per course in the series, not for the entire series.


Course #

Class Title/Syllabus


Math 201A/B/C Algebra Series 4*
Math 205A/B/C Topology Series 4*
Math 206A/B/C Applied Math: TBD 4*
Math 207A/B/C Ordinary Differential Equations/Partial Differential Equations I & II Series 4*
Math 209A/B/C Real Analysis Series 4*
Math 210A/B/C Complex Analysis Series 4*
Math 202 Numerical Linear Algebra 4*
Math 172 Modern Algebra 4
Math 171 Introduction to Modern Algebra 4
Math 168 Introduction to Mathematical Modeling 4
Math 165B Introduction to Complex Variables II 4
Math 165A Introduction to Complex Variables 4
Math 153 History of Mathematics 4
Math 151C Advanced Calculus III 4
Math 151B Advanced Calculus II 4
Math 151A Advanced Calculus 4
Math 150A Intermediate Analysis 4
Math 149C Probability and Mathematical Statistics III 4
Math 149B Probability and Mathematical Statistics II 4
Math 149A Probability and Mathematical Statistics 4
Math 147 Introduction to Fourier Analysis and Its Applications 4
Math 146C Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations III 4
Math 146B Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations II 4
Math 146A Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations 4
Math 145B Introduction to Topology II 4
Math 145A Introduction to Topology 4
Math 144 Introduction to Set Theory 4
Math 140 Polynomials and Number Systems 4
Math 138B Introduction to Differential Geometry II 4
Math 138A Introduction to Differential Geometry 4
Math 137 Plane Curves 4
Math 136 Introduction to Theory of Numbers 4
Math 135B Numerical Analysis II 4
Math 135A Numerical Analysis 4
Math 133 Geometry 4
Math 132 Linear Algebra II 4
Math 131 Linear Algebra 4
Math 126 Combinatorics
Math 121 Game Theory 4
Math 120 Optimization Techniques 4
Math 104 Mathematics Education 4



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