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Ph.D. in Mathematics

We offer a Ph.D. in Mathematics which is for Pure and Applied Mathematicians.  Learn more about our Applied Math Research online here.

Math Ph.D. Requirements

  • Passing four core course sequences from Algebra, Applied Mathematics, Complex Analysis, PDE, Topology, and/or Real Analysis. A sequence consists of all courses with the same course number except for an alphabetical suffix. Any course without an alphabetical suffix is not part of a sequence.
  • Pass two written qualifying exams
  • A student is allowed to take the qualifying examination at most twice for each sequence.
  • Completion of four Math graduate elective class. 
  • Completion of a 2 unit course in Professional Development.
  • Writing and defending a Ph.D. dissertation which is a significant original contribution to the mathematical literature.
  • Normative Time to Degree: 15 quarters

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