Dr. David Rush

Dr. David Rush Shared Memories of David Rush To Add a Memory of Dave to This Page, Click Here "Dave did an outstanding job mentoring graduate students, VAPs and other mathematicians. I would say that Dave would modestly say it was just something he did." - Al Stralka "We learned that Professor Emeritus Dave Rush...

Dr. John Baez is honored with a campus-wide “Doctoral Dissertation Advsor/Mentoring Award”

This award celebrates UCR faculty who have demonstrated an outstanding and long history of mentorship of graduate students. All UCR ladder-rank faculty members are eligible for the award.In 2019-2020, Dr. John Baez of Mathematics is selected to be one of the two awardees. To get to know Dr. John Baez, please visit his website:

Graduate Student Publication

Network models are used to construct operads for modeling and designing complex networks. Many common types of networks can be modeled with simple graphs with weighted edges. While there are models to deal with the networks with commutative operations, graduate student Joe Moeller recently published “Noncommutative Network Models” in “Mathematical Structures in Computer Science”...

UCR Interdisciplinary Center for Quantitative Modeling in Biology (ICQMB)

Several faculty members, postdoctoral associates and graduate students in the Department of Mathematics are members of the UC Riverside Interdisciplinary Center for Quantitative Modeling in Biology (ICQMB). The main long-term goal of the ICQMB is to develop comprehensive predictive quantitative models of complex biological systems. All projects at the Center combine quantitative experiments, novel image...
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