College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences

Several faculty members, postdoctoral associates and graduate students in the Department of Mathematics are members of the UC Riverside Interdisciplinary Center for Quantitative Modeling in Biology (ICQMB). The main long-term goal of the ICQMB is to develop comprehensive predictive quantitative models of complex biological systems. All projects at the Center combine quantitative experiments, novel image analysis, modeling and statistical approaches, and build upon the mutually complementary strength of the researchers at UC Riverside with support from collaborators at other institutions.

The ICQMB is co-sponsoring two conferences to be held at UCR in February 2020: 9th Annual Southern California Systems Biology Conference to be held on February 1 and co-organised by the UCI, UCLA and UCR, and The Professor Dimitrios Morikis Memorial Symposium: Also, the Center will be organising Annual Meeting of the Society for Mathematical Biology to be held at UCR in June of 2021:

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