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Ladder Faculty
Research Interests
Alber, Mark Distinguished Professor

Applied Mathematics, Mathematical and Computational Biology, Mathematical Physics

Baez, John Professor Mathematical Physics, N-Categories, Gravity baez@math.ucr.edu
Chari, Vyjayanthi Professor Lie Theory chari@math.ucr.edu
Chen, Po-Ning Assistant Professor Differential geometry and general relativity poningc@ucr.edu
Chen, Weitao Assistant Professor Numerical Method, Scientific Computing, Mathematical Biology weitaoc@ucr.edu
Cho, Heyrim Assistant Professor   heyrim.cho@ucr.edu
Chow, Yat Tin Assistant Professor   yattin.chow@ucr.edu
Costello, Kevin Associate Professor of Teaching, Math (PSOE/SOE) / Undergrad Advisor Probabilistic Combinatorics costello@math.ucr.edu
Durham, Matthew Assistant Professor Geometric group theory and low dimensional topology matthew.durham@ucr.edu
Gan, Wee Liang Professor Algebra, Representation Theory wlgan@math.ucr.edu
Gonzalez, Jose Assistant Professor Algebraic Geometry joselg@ucr.edu
Greenstein, Jacob Professor / Grad Advisor Current Students Lie Algebras, Quantum Affine Algebras, Representation Theory green@math.ucr.edu
Kelliher, Jim Associate Professor / Department Vice Chair Fluid Mechanics, Theoretical PDEs kelliher@math.ucr.edu
Lapan, Sara Assistant Professor of Teaching, Math (PSOE/SOE) Holomorphic Dynamics, Several Complex Variables slapan@math.ucr.edu
Lapidus, Michel Distinguished Professor; Burton Jones Endowed Chair in Pure Mathematics Mathematical Physics, Analysis/PDEs, Fractal Geometry, Spectral Geometry, Dynamical Systems lapidus@math.ucr.edu
Mautner, Carl Assistant Professor Representation Theory, Algebraic Geometry mautner@math.ucr.edu
Moradifam, Amir Assistant Professor Partial Differential Equations, Inverse Problems, and Medical Imaging moradifam@math.ucr.edu
Poon, Yat Sun Professor / Department Chair Differential Geometry, Algebraic Geometry ypoon@ucr.edu
Ran, Ziv Professor Algebraic Geometry ziv.ran@ucr.edu
Samuelson, Peter Assistant Professor   peter.samuelson@ucr.edu
Schultz, Reinhard Professor Topology, Transformation Groups schultz@math.ucr.edu
Vidussi, Stefano Professor Topology svidussi@math.ucr.edu
Wang, Qixuan Assistant Professor Mathematical Biology, Multiscale Modeling qixuan.wang@ucr.edu
Weisbart, David Assistant Professor of Teaching, Math (PSOE/SOE) Quantum Theory, Non-Archimedean Analysis, and Probability weisbart@math.ucr.edu
Wilhelm, Fred Professor Riemannian Geometry fred@math.ucr.edu
Wong, Bun Professor Several Complex Variables, Complex Differential Geometry wong@math.ucr.edu
Xu, Feng Professor Operator Algebras xufeng@math.ucr.edu
Zhang, Qi Professor / Grad Advisor Prospective Students Partial Differential Equations, Geometric Analysis qizhang@math.ucr.edu
Zhang, Zhenghe Assistant Professor Dynamical Systems, Spectral Theory, Mathematical Physics zhenghe@ucr.edu
Visiting Assistant Professors
Research Interests
Atkinson, Scott     Skye 276B   scott.atkinson@ucr.edu
Benson, Brian   Geometric Analysis, Differential Geometry, Low-Dimensional Topology   Skye 232   bbenson@ucr.edu

Burdick, Bradley

    Skye 275A   bradley.burdick@ucr.edu
Berikkyzy, Zhanar   Graph Theory, Combinatorics & Applications   Skye 247   zhanar@ucr.edu

Chen, Liwei

    Skye 243   liwei.chen@ucr.edu
Costantini, Alessandra   Commutative Algebra and its interactions with Algebraic Geometry and Combinatorics   Skye 271B   alessandra.costantini@ucr.edu
Livesay, Neal   Representation Theory, Algebraic Geometry, Moduli Spaces of Connections   Skye 239   neall@ucr.edu
Puig de Dios, Yunied   Functional Analysis and Operator Theory   Skye 230   yuniedpd@ucr.edu
Schmidt, Karl       Skye 219   kschmidt@ucr.edu

Song, Zilong

      Skye 223   zilong.song@ucr.edu

Sun, Bin

      Skye 275B   bin.sun@ucr.edu

Sunkula, Mahesh

      Skye 271A   mahesh.sunkula@ucr.edu

Tucker, Henry

      Skye 262B   henry.tucker@ucr.edu
Zhu, Zhixian   Algebraic Geometry   Skye 2XX   zhixianz@ucr.edu
Academic Coordinators

Lam, Rob


Skye 211A



Curtis, Mike   Pierce 2231   curtism@math.ucr.edu
Barth, Theodore   Emeritus   - - -   tjb@math.ucr.edu
Block, Richard   Distinguished Professor Emeritus   - - -   block@math.ucr.edu
Chang, Mei-Chu   Professor of Graduate Division   Skye 235   mcc@math.ucr.edu
de Pillis, John   Emeritus   - - -   jdp@math.ucr.edu
Gierz, Gerhard   Emeritus   Skye 258   gierz@math.ucr.edu
Guan, Zhuang-dan   Emeritus   Skye 237   zguan@math.ucr.edu
Harper, Lawrence   Emeritus   Skye 270   harper@math.ucr.edu
LeBaron, Ferguson   Emeritus   - - -   ferguson@math.ucr.edu
Metcalf, Fred   Emeritus   - - -   ftm@math.ucr.edu
Rao, M. M.   Emeritus   Skye 270   rao@math.ucr.edu
Ratliff, Louis   Emeritus   Skye 270   ratliff@math.ucr.edu
Rush, David   Emeritus   Skye 242   rush@math.ucr.edu
Stafney, James   Emeritus   Skye 258   stafney@math.ucr.edu
Stralka, Albert   Emeritus   Skye 258   stralka@math.ucr.edu

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