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Travel Reimbursements: Graduate Student Instructions

  • Travel Reimbursement- Submitting a Pre-Trip Request
    • Go to or access Concur via R'Web  (Should you have difficulty accessing the system, please notify us at .
    • All travel requires a pre-trip request be submitted prior to an expense report. 
    • Pre-trip requests should be submitted prior to travel dates.
    • For detailed instructions on how to submit a pre-trip request, please see our Math Student Concur Guide
  • Travel Reimbursement: Reporting a Trip
    • Go to or access Concur via R'Web  (Should you have difficulty accessing the system, please notify us at
    • Here you will be able to report your trip by searching for the approved pre-trip request associated with that travel. (If you do not have an approved pre-trip request on file, you must create one before you are able to create an expense report.) Find the approved request in your request folder and click  "+Create Expense Report".  For detailed instructions, please see our Concur Guide
    • Purpose of trip/location should be descriptive.
    • Actual Location and Date should be home location to destination. If you flew from an airport, the location will be specified under the transportation tab.
    • Please fill out all of the information completely and upload all receipts. 
      • Receipt Notice: Please provide itemized receipts showing a method of payment (last 4 digits of credit card used) on it. If you cannot obtain an itemized receipt, please submit a Missing Receipt Declaration within Concur for every missing receipt and supporting documentation such as a credit card statement or bank statement for proof of payment transaction for reimbursement. Missing Receipt Declarations are no longer accepted by Accounting for lodging, conference registration, or airfare. Travelers should contact the vendor to obtain fully itemized receipts and should be provided at the time of purchase.
  • Travel Reimbursement- Mileage Only
    1. If you traveled locally using a privately-owned vehicle and need mileage reimbursement only, please fill out the Mileage Report Log and submit the expense via Concur following the instructions for creating a pre-trip expense and submitting an expense report.
      • Please use this form to report mileage reimbursement for business use of private automobiles. For example, employees may use their privately-owned car for official University business and be reimbursed for mileage at the approved rate (gasoline expense is included in the reimbursement rate and is not reimbursable).
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