College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences

Task/Duty Staff Member Email Phone
Reimbursements Math Finance Team N/A
Itravel Questions Math Finance Team N/A
Travel Expense Reporting Math Finance Team N/A
Visitor Accommodations Math Finance Team N/A
Purchasing Requests Math Finance Team N/A
Web Recharges/Parking Recharges Math Finance Team N/A
Fleet Services Math Finance Team N/A
Communication Work Orders Math Finance Team N/A
Contracts/Grants Crissy Reising 951-827-3019
Pre-Award and Post-Award Contracts & Grants Crissy Reising 951-827-3019
Funding Reports Crissy Reising 951-827-3019
Reconciliation of Funds Crissy Reising 951-827-3019
Projections Crissy Reising 951-827-3019
Projector Requests James Marberry 951-827-2568
faculty computer order/check out James Marberry 951-827-2568
media/equiment Issues/checkout James Marberry 951-827-2568
Printing Issues(not exams)/Printer Access Code James Marberry 951-827-2568
TA Office Hours Scheduling James Marberry 951-827-2568
room reservation James Marberry/Randy Morgan 951-827-2568
Exam Print Orders Randy Morgan 951-827-3114
Book Check Out Randy Morgan 951-827-3114
Department Keys Randy Morgan 951-827-3114
TA Assignments Randy Morgan 951-827-3114
Quarterly Faculty Teaching Assignments Randy Morgan 951-827-3114
General Assignment Classroom Changes Randy Morgan 951-827-3114
Graduate Course Room Reservations Randy Morgan 951-827-3114
Canvas (eLearn) Access Randy Morgan/Rob Lam 951-827-3114
Graduate Program Advising Cathy Munoz 951-827-3222
Graduate Student Financial Overview & Support Margarita Roman 951-827-3090
Graduate Division policies & regulations Margarita Roman 951-827-3090
Graduate Program Recruitment & Admissions Margarita Roman 951-827-3090
Monitoring Graduate Students Normative Progress Margarita Roman 951-827-3090
Graduation Procedures for graduate students Margarita Roman 951-827-3090
Graduate Program Petitions and Forms Margarita Roman 951-827-3090
Graduate Program milestones: Written & Oral Quals Margarita Roman 951-827-3090
Dissertation & Defense Administrative questions Margarita Roman 951-827-3090
Graduate student registration and enrollment Margarita Roman 951-827-3090
Graduate Program website Margarita Roman 951-827-3090
Graduate student employment inquiries Margarita Roman 951-827-3090
paycheck/payroll Cathy Munoz 951-827-3222


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