College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences

Research Groups


Faculty activities in this area include Commutative Algebra, Representation Theory, Combinatorics, Combinatoric Number Theory and Algebraic Geometry.


Research activities in this area include Harmonic Analysis, Functional Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Operator Algebras, Several Complex Variables, Probability Theory, Mathematical Physics, Fractal Geometry and Dynamical Systems, and Approximation Theory.

Geometry and Topology

Research activities in this area include Algebraic Topology, Low Dimension Topology, Geometric Topology, Differential Topology, Transformation Groups, Riemannian Geometry, Complex Differential Geometry, and Geometric Analysis.

Partial Differential Equations & Applied Math

Subgroups and research activities in this area include Mathematical Biology,  Multi-scale Mathematical Modeling, Computational Mathematics, Scientific computing, Modeling of fluids, Partial Differential Equations, Optimization, Machine Learning, Inverse Problems, Image Processing, and computational methods for nonlinear partial differential equations.



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