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Math Course Progression Chart
  • THE MATH DEPARTMENT DOES NOT ADVISE STUDENTS on progression information.
  • The Math Department (through the CNAS Enrollment Management Center) can only place you in an appropriate class based on what you have already taken or tested into. 
  • Only your advisor can tell you which progression path you should be taking. Please see your advisor for information on which path you should choose.
  • For Math majors: Your advisor, Michelle Butler, will direct you on which path to start out on, but in the end, all of the above Math classes must be taken for a BA and BS degree.



Non Math Majors

PathsClasses in Order 
Path #1 Math 4  Math 22
Path #2 Math 5  Math 9A  Math 9B  Math 9C
Path #3 Math 5 → Math 9A  Math 9B  Math 46
Path #4 Math 5  Math 9A  Math 9B  Math 10A  Math 10B
Path #5 Math 6A  Math 6B  Math 9A → Math 9B  Math 9C
Path #6 Math 6A  Math 6B  Math 9A → Math 9B  Math 46
Path #7 Math 6A  Math 6B  Math 9A → Math 9B  Math 10A  Math 10B
Notice Once a student has tested into Math 4, 5, or 6A, the above progressions are possible. If a student has tested directly into 9A, they would start further into one of the progression paths above.

Math Majors

Math Majors Must Take the Following Math Classes
006B : Introduction to College Math for Science or 009A : First-Year Calculus Part I
009B : First-Year Calculus Part II
009C : First-Year Calculus Part III
010A : Calculus of Several Variables
010B : Calculus of Several Variable Part II
046 : Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations

Advising Walk in Hours

Math enrollment has moved out of surge to webber hall / cnas enrollment management center
Advising Walk in Hours for UCR Matriculated Undergraduate Students

Use AdvisorTrac to see your Advisor's drop in times or you can set an appointment.

Walk in Hours are held at the CNAS Academic Advising Center in Pierce Hall.
Concurrent Enrollment Walk-In Hours

Go to Batchelor Hall 1140F - CNAS Enrollment Management Center

Detailed Concurrent Enrollment Information

Undergraduate Advising

Advising sessions are no longer held in Surge.

Contact Javier Ramirez to find out advising dates, times and locations.



Not a math major and interested in becoming one? 

If so, please contact Dr. James Kelliher.

UCR Extension Concurrent Enrollment
UCR Concurrent Enrollment Website



Enrollment for concurrent students is handled through University Extension. Current UCR students have enrollment priority over concurrent students. Seats are not held for concurrent students and you will not be allowed to add until current students are accommodated, which can be through week 3 of the quarter. Take your University Extension Enrollment form to the CNAS Enrollment Management Center in Batchelor Hall 1140F, you will be assigned a section in the course, if there is space; and you will be given instructions on receiving appropriate signatures. Once this is complete, you will take the form back to University Extension for processing.

If you are a former UCR student, then you will need the approval of your College (CNAS, CHASS, BCOE, or AGSM) after you have obtained approval from the CNAS Enrollment Management Center.

Please contact the appropriate college office for specific procedures and policies:

Katherine Van Horn (MATH) - Batchelor Hall 1140F/ Katherine.kaufman@ucr.edu / 951-827-3805




Math Enrollemt Has Moved Out of Surge to Webber Hall / CNAS Enrollment Management Center

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