Dear Prospective Student,

Welcome to the Mathematics Department at the University of California, Riverside. 

The fact that you are considering graduate studies is a bold first step in a rewarding, yet challenging commitment to your future. Entering students will  find that the time and effort required to succeed in their studies goes well beyond what they encountered as undergraduates. 

Success requires both mathematical ability and the raw determination to grapple with a subject for as long as it takes in order for understanding to break through. This process can be intimidating. Those who succeed in their studies are usually the students who find that attaining understanding more than compensates for the effort required. For these individuals, the life of a mathematician can be truly rewarding.   

At UCR, our graduate studies program emphasizes strong interaction with faculty in order to gain maximum benefit from course work. First, it allows students to explore new mathematical understanding in both personal and social contexts. Secondly, it immerses students deeply in exploration, inquiry and analysis. Finally, it familiarizes students with the ever-changing body of research literature related to learning and teaching mathematics and contemporary research methodologies. 

The cumulative experiences of our mathematics program prepare graduates to conduct quality research in universities or industry, to take on important leadership roles in mathematics education communities, and to enter classrooms better equipped to teach lessons that encourage deeper mathematical thinking. 

We look forward to having you in our program and we look forward to helping you succeed.

Warmest regards, 

The Department of Mathematics

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