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Mark Alber

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Ph.D., Mathematics, University of Pennsylvania 1990

Honors M.S., Applied Mathematics, Department of Applied Mathematics, Moscow Institute of Technology 1983





Distinguished Professor, Department of Mathematics
Director, Interdisciplinary Center for Quantitative Modeling in Biology, University of California, Riverside

Cooperating Faculty, Department of Bioengineering, 
University of California, Riverside

Cooperating Faculty, Department of Internal Medicine, 
Division of Clinical Sciences, School of Medicine, University of California, Riverside

Adjunct Professor of Medicine
Indiana University School of Medicine

Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

Deputy Editor, PLOS Computational Biology
Associate Editor, Bulletin of Mathematical Biology
Member of the Editorial Board, Biophysical Journal


Applied Mathematics, Mathematical and Computational Biology, Mathematical Physics


Curriculum Vitae

Graduate Programs

Graduate Program of the Department of Mathematics

Bioengineering Interdepartmental Graduate Program

Conferences & Seminars

Conference on "Multi-scale systems biology methods for studying biomedical processes in patients under stress or with chronic or acute diseases”

Interdisciplinary Seminar on Mathematical & Computational Modeling

*Interdisciplinary Workshop On Multi-scale Modeling of Complex System in Developmental & Plant Biology

7th Annual Southern California Systems Biology Conference, January 28, 2017

Mathematical Biology Institute (NSF MBI) Workshop 2: Modelling of Tissue Growth and Form, March 6-10, 2017

Research Projects News Releases

How and Why Blood Clots Shrink / How blood clots shrink (Editorial)

UC Riverside math researchers find key to stopping ovarian cancer from spreading

Study Sheds Light on How Ovarian Cancer Spreads

Researchers look inside dangerous blood clots with optical clearing technique


alber (at) math-dot-ucr-dot-edu


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