College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences


Priyanga Ganesa, UCSD

Abstract: In recent years, nonlocal games have received significant attention in operator algebras and resulted in highly fruitful interactions, including the recent resolution of the Connes Embedding Problem. A nonlocal game involves two non-communicating players (Alice and Bob) who cooperatively play to win against a referee. In this talk, I will provide an introduction to the theory of non-local games and quantum correlation classes. We will discuss the role of C*-algebras and operator systems in the study of their perfect strategies. It will be shown that mathematical structures arising from entanglement-assisted strategies for nonlocal games can be naturally interpreted and studied using tools from operator algebras. I will then present a general framework of non local games involving quantum inputs and classical outputs and use them to discuss a quantum graph coloring game.

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Qi Zhang
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General Public
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