Dissertation Year Program Award


DYP Award

The Dissertation Year Program (DYP) Award is intended for MFA or PhD students who expect to complete their degree program the year in which the award is received. Learn more online here.

2022 - 2023 Award Recipients

Please join us in congratulating our most recent recipients of the Dissertation Year Program award!



Christian Williams

Christian Williams 

Advisor(s): John Baez, Emeritus





Research Area: Category Theory, Logic, and Type Theory



Enriched Lawvere Theories for Operational Semantics,

Williams and Baez, ACT 2019

Abstract Congruence Criteria for Weak Bisimilarity, Tsampas, et al, MFCS 2021

Native Type Theory, Williams and Stay ACT 2021


Chancellor's Distinguished Fellow, 2017


UCR GSA Sustainability Liaison, 2019

UCR Math GSA President, 2019/2021


DYP Award - Previous Recipients

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