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What is COMAP?: COMAP (Consortium for Mathematics and its Applications) is an international mathematical modeling competition open to all college students. This competition is hosted online every year and lasts four days. It is a great opportunity for groups of students (up to 3 per group) to solve real world modeling problems and compete against other groups from all over the world.

What is the competition like?: At the start of the competition (on day one), a list of application problems is released to all of the competing groups. As a group, the students are expected to select only one of the problems and then spend the four days of the competition working together on developing a possible and practical approach/solution for their selected problem and write a report.

Who can participate: As this has shown to be a very positive experience for students, we are currently looking for students that might be interested to form groups for the upcoming competition in February 2022. Students do not need to be Mathematics majors as the problems are interdisciplinary by nature and thus approachable with any background. Even if you do not have a full group formed, a faculty advisor can help you find other students for your group.

What’s in it for the participants: Aside from the International COMAP Scholarship Award a team can win, this is a great opportunity to experience Mathematics applications and build up your resume.

How to participate: For this year’s competition, there is enough funding for 6 groups (18 students). Jennifer and Austin will begin preparation meetings at the start of Winter quarter and will continue up until the competition (February 17-21, 2022). If you are interested in participating, please contact this year’s COMAP advisors (Jennifer and Austin) as soon as possible, even if the Winter quarter has already begun.

For more specific information please consult the COMAP website and contact Jennifer Rangel Ambriz and Austin Hansen.

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