College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences

2024 CNAS Academic Excellence Awards

Riley Hunke

In their undergraduate studies, Riley Hunke has been a part of the CalTeach - Science Math Initiative program as a Peer Leader and Mentor where he served as the Office Team Lead. Along with this leadership role, he participated in two year-long field assignments at local secondary schools to prepare for his future career as a math teacher. Riley was also the Vice President of Tomorrow's Teachers of Science and Math for the 2023-2024 term. As they prepare to graduate, Riley has been accepted into UCR's dual Masters and Credential program starting this summer and plans to teach in the Inland Empire upon graduation.


Sudhir Murthy

Mentored by Dr. Estela Gavasto and Dr. Michael Nelson, Sudhir Murthy has published in UCR’s Undergraduate Research Journal and presented at UTD’s Fourth Annual Undergraduate Philosophy Conference. He also attended a funded workshop at the Lorentz Center, in Leiden, on machine-verified mathematics. He then presented his experience to the 2024 Joint Mathematics Meetings, discussing the prospective future of computerized mathematics and AI. Currently, working under Dr. Patricio Gallardo, he leads a team of undergraduates to formalize Euclidean Geometry using computerized proof assistants. Having accepted UCR’s PhD program in mathematics, Sudhir is eager to continue his interest in algebra, logic, and computer science.

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