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1. Stralka, A. 1969. The Green equivalences and dimension. Math. Zeitschrift. p.169-176. (Refereed)  

2. Stralka, A. 1969. Rees-Simple semigroups. J.London Math. Soc. p.705-708. (Refereed)  

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19. Stralka, A., Gierz, G. 1992. A characterization of full sublattices of finite-dimensional Euclidean space. Topology and its Applications. p.59-72. (Refereed)  

20. Stralka, A., Gierz, G. 1994. On the existence of tangent hyperspaces to full sublattices of Euclidean space. Rocky Mountain J. of Math. p.1379-1403. (Refereed)  

21. Stralka, A., Gierz, G. 1995. Homogeneous Sublattices of Euclidean n-Space. Houston J. Of Math. Vol. 21: 2 p.297-318. (Refereed)  


1. Stralka, A., Gierz, G. Quotients of full sublattices of Euclidean space. Houston J. of Math. (Submitted 09/18/1998.) (Refereed)

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