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31. Rao, M., Ren, Z. 1997. Packing in Orlicz Sequence Spaces. Studia Math. p.235-251. (Refereed)


1. Rao, M.M. Representation and Estimation for Haromonizable Type Processes. Proceedings of the Society of IEEE Signal Processing Society. (Submitted 06/01/2001.) (Refereed)  

2. Rao, M.M. Evolution operations in stochastic processes and inference. Pure and Applied Math. (Submitted 02/05/2002.) (Refereed)  

3. Rao, M.M. Stochastic analysus and function spaces. Pure and applied mathematics. (Submitted 08/12/2002.) (Refereed)  

Conference and Symposia Proceedings

1. Rao, M.M. 1989. "A view of harmonizable processes". North-Holland, New York. p.597-615. (Refereed, )  

2. Rao, M. 1997. "Higher Order Stochastic Differential Equations". CRC Press. p.225-302. (Refereed, ) 


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