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Conference and Symposia Proceedings

1. Gierz, G., Shekhtman, B. 1986. "Non-linear Approximation from a Hyperplane: Rational Approximation versus Product Approximation". Approximation Theory V, Academic Press. p.347-350. (Refereed, )  

Book Chapters

1. Gierz, G. 1990. "The Normal Completion of the Lattice of Continuous Functions". The Dilworth Theorems:  Selected Papers of Robert P. Dilworth. Editors: Bogart, Freese and Kung. Birkhauser Verlag. p.445-449. (Refereed)  

2. Bartnicki-Garcia, S., Hergert, F., Gierz, G. 1990. "A Novel Computer Model for Generating Cell Shape:  Application to Fungal Morphogenesis". Biochemistry of Cell Walls and Membranes. Editors: Kuhn et al., ed.. Springer Verlag. Heidelberg. p.43-60. (Refereed)  

3. Bartnicki-Garcia, S., Gierz, G. 1991. "Predicting the Molecular Basis of Mycelial-Yeast Dimorphism with a New Mathemtical Model of Fungal Morphogenesis". More Gene Manipulations in Fungi. Editors: J.W. Bennett, L.L. Lasure. Academic Press. San Diego. p.27-48. (Refereed)  

4. Bartnicki-Garcia, S., Gierz, G. 1993. "Mathemtical Analysis of the Cellular Basis of Fungal Dimorphism". Dimorphic Fungi in Biology and Medicine. Editors: H. Vanden Bossche, F.C. Odds, D. Kerridge. Plenum Press. New York. p.133-144. (Refereed)  

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