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Vernon A. Kramer Memorial Service Award

I want to teach teachers...

Vernon A. Kramer, UCR Mathematics Professor, on his very first day of school

Bell Towers

Dr. Vernon A. Kramer (1924-1985) taught for and helped develop the Mathematics Department at UCR. He studied under such reputed mathematicians as A.A. Albert at the University of Chicago and Frantisek Wolf at UC Berkley. Hired in 1954 as part of the UCR Physical Sciences faculty, Dr. Kramer proved to be invaluable. Among many other services, he authored curricula, catalog copy, and grant proposals; he conducted extensive searches for new faculty and worked with the administration in the development of the structure of the new department.

His colleagues created this memorial to honor Dr. Kramer's memory.

It takes a great deal of effort for our department to accomplish all that it does. We are thankful that we have such a large contingent of graduate students who are more than willing and able to not only contribute to the department, but to also go the extra mile. When a graduate student consistently steps up to help other grads and instructors, help with events, attend recruitment fairs, and more, we put forth the effort to recognize and thank him or her with the Vernon A. Kramer Memorial Service Award.

Academic Year Awarded|Recipients
2017 - 2018   Ryan Moruzzi, John Simanyi, Dane Lawhorne
2016 - 2017   Andrew Walker, Kayla Murray, Donna Blanton
2015 - 2016   Andrea Arauza, Donna Blanton, Robert Willett
2014 - 2015   Thomas Schellhous, Joshua Strong, John Simanyi
2013 - 2014   Jeffrey Wand, Peri Shereen, Lisa Schneider, John Dusel, Jason Erbele, Parker Williams,
Matthew O'Dell, Matthew Lee
2012 - 2013   Brett Sanchez, Tim Cobler, Jason Erbele, Dennis Gumaer, Lisa Schneider, Peri Shereen, Jeffrey Wand
2011 - 2012   Ed Haley, Nishua Lal, Daniel Majcherek, Paul Oeser, Juan Zaragoza
2010 - 2011   Matthew Bennett, Jack Bennett, Ed Haley, Nathan Manning, Kimberly Puen

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