Visiting Assistant Professors
Research Interests
Atkinson, Scott Operator Algebras, Operator Theory, and Functional Analysis Skye 276B
Benson, Brian Geometric Analysis, Differential Geometry, Low-Dimensional Topology Skye 232

Burdick, Bradley

Riemannian Geometry, Smooth Topology, and Their Interactions Skye 275A
Berikkyzy, Zhanar Graph Theory, Combinatorics & Applications Skye 247

Chen, Liwei

Several Complex Variables Skye 243
Costantini, Alessandra Commutative Algebra and its interactions with Algebraic Geometry and Combinatorics Skye 271B
Livesay, Neal Representation Theory, Algebraic Geometry, Moduli Spaces of Connections Skye 239
Puig de Dios, Yunied Functional Analysis and Operator Theory Skye 230
Schmidt, Karl Representation Theory, Quantum Algebra, and Cluster Algebras Skye 219
Song, Zilong Asymptotic Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Continuum Mechanics, Ion Transport, Mathematical Biology (cells and tissues), Infectious and Vector-Borne Diseases Skye 223

Sun, Bin

  Skye 275B

Sunkula, Mahesh

Applied Mathematics, Hamiltonian Mechanics and Symplectic Geometry Skye 271A

Tucker, Henry

Tensor Categories, Hopf Algebras, Murray-von Neumann Subfactors Skye 262B
Zhu, Zhixian Algebraic Geometry Skye 218