Research Interests
Alber, Mark Distinguished Professor

Applied Mathematics, Mathematical and Computational Biology, Mathematical Physics
Baez, John Burton Jones Endowed Chair in Pure Mathematics Mathematical Physics, Category Theory
Chari, Vyjayanthi Distinguished Professor Lie Theory
Chen, Po-Ning Assistant Professor Differential geometry and general relativity
Chen, Weitao Assistant Professor Numerical Method, Scientific Computing, Mathematical Biology
Cho, Heyrim Assistant Professor Mathematical Biology, Uncertainty Quantification, Scientific Computing
Chow, Yat Tin Assistant Professor Applied mathematics, Inverse problem, Medical Imaging, Optimization, Optimal control and differential game, Mean field control and games, Partial differential equations
Collier, Brian Assistant Professor
Costello, Kevin Associate Professor of Teaching, Math (PSOE/SOE) / Undergrad Advisor Probabilistic Combinatorics
Durham, Matthew Assistant Professor Geometric group theory and low dimensional topology
Gallardo Candela, Particio Assistant Professor
Gan, Wee Liang Professor / Grad Advisor Prospective Students Algebra, Representation Theory
Gavosto, Estela Professor of Teaching - - -
Gonzalez, Jose Assistant Professor Algebraic Geometry
Gou, Jia Assistant Professor
Greenstein, Jacob Professor / Grad Advisor Current Students Lie Algebras, Quantum Affine Algebras, Representation Theory
Kelliher, Jim Associate Professor Fluid Mechanics, Theoretical PDEs
Lapan, Sara Assistant Professor of Teaching, Math (PSOE/SOE) Holomorphic Dynamics, Several Complex Variables
Lapidus, Michel Distinguished Professor Mathematical Physics, Analysis/PDEs, Fractal Geometry, Spectral Geometry, Dynamical Systems
Mautner, Carl Associate Professor Representation Theory, Algebraic Geometry
Moradifam, Amir Associate Professor / Department Vice Chair Partial Differential Equations, Inverse Problems, and Medical Imaging
Poon, Yat Sun Professor Differential Geometry, Algebraic Geometry
Potomkin, Mykhailo Assistant Professor Analysis of partial differential equations, nonlinear analysis, Monte Carlo simulations, kinetic theory approach
Ran, Ziv Professor Algebraic Geometry
Samuelson, Peter Assistant Professor Representation Theory and Low Dimensional Topology
Schultz, Reinhard Professor Topology, Transformation Groups
Torres, Rodolfo H. Distinguished Professor Fourier Analysis - Applications in Partial Differential Equations/Signal Analysis/Biology
Vidussi, Stefano Professor Topology
Wang, Qixuan Assistant Professor Mathematical Biology, Multiscale Modeling
Weisbart, David Associate Professor of Teaching, Math (PSOE/SOE) Quantum Theory, Non-Archimedean Analysis, and Probability
Wilhelm, Fred Professor / Department Chair Riemannian Geometry
Wong, Bun Professor Several Complex Variables, Complex Differential Geometry
Xu, Feng Professor Operator Algebras
Zhang, Qi Professor Partial Differential Equations, Geometric Analysis
Zhang, Zhenghe Assistant Professor Dynamical Systems, Spectral Theory, Mathematical Physics


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