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John Dusel was recently give a TADP Outstanding TA Award 2010/2011 and has been awarded Graduate Research Mentorship Fellowship for two quarters.

Jacob West and Mathew Lunde will be attending the String Topology, Compactified Moduli Spaces & Algebraic Structures summer school for graduate students at UC Berkeley from June 13th through the 17th.

Nathan Manning won the UCR Departmental Service Award in Spring 2011. He is co-organizing the Stochastic Calculus Seminar for Summer 2011 (along with Matthew Bennett) and he will be attending the Lie Theory workshop in India from August 12th - 30th at the Chennai Mathematical Institute.

Sam Chamberlin is speaking at the Claremont Colleges Algebra, Combinatorics and Number Theory Seminar on Tuesday 10/26 and at the AMS Southeastern Sectional Meeting in Richmond, Virginia on Sunday 11/7. Sam will also be attending a "Workshop on Lie Groups, Lie Algebras and Their Representations" at UC Berkeley this coming weekend 10/16-10/17.

John Dusel is speaking at Dr. Chang's seminar on UCR Campus this Wednesday (10/27). The title is "An Exposition of 'On Character Sums and Primitive Roots', by D.A. Burgess (1962)".

Mathew Lunde is attending the Representation Theory in Mathematics Workshop.The workshop is running June 4th - 8th in Zurich.

John Dusel, Drew Wise and Juan Zaragoza all completed the University Teaching Certificate program. John Dusel and Drew Wise have articles on teaching posted on the UTCP website.

Jesse Benavides is one of six STEM students have been awarded an annual stipend by UCR to support his Ph.D. studies. This award is funded by the National Science Foundation. The article on Inside UCR can be seen by following this link.

Jesse Benavides is one of nine doctoral degree canidates to recieve a Fellowship for students in Sciences, Technology.

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