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The Advanced Mathematics Program supports UC Riverside's undergraduate students to help further their career in mathematics through the formation of community. It is primarily composed of a month-long FREE Summer School meant to prepare students for success in Abstract Algebra (Math 140 or 171) and Real Analysis (Math 150A or 151A). The Summer School will be taught by four approachable graduate student instructors working in pairs, who will execute rolls of both mentor and instructor. It will also have weekly speakers from career mathematicians, to introduce the participants to a range of opportunities afforded fresh mathematics graduates.

This year's program will run from July 1st 2019 through July 26th 2019 from 10am to 1pm Monday through Friday. The first two weeks will be on Real Analysis and the last two on Abstract Algebra. It will be possible for students to only sign up for one of those portions if they desire.  This program is designed to connect the participants with each other and the math department as a whole. AMP hopes that the students gain a network of support for their upcoming upper-division class and that this experience better positions the students for a higher level of success moving into their careers.


Register for AMP 2019 is now closed.



It is heavily suggested for students to have completed Math 10A and Math 11 (or CS 11) by Spring 2019. It is meant for undergraduates who have just finished lower division coursework and are starting upper division math. The Real Analysis section of the summer school will be useful for any math major at UCR since it is required for the Pure, Applied, and Secondary Teaching degrees. The Abstract Algebra section is primarily for Pure Math majors to prepare for Math 171 but it should also be useful for Secondary Teaching majors who plan to take Math 140.

Diversity and Inclusion:

We envision a more diverse and inclusive field of mathematics. We believe that the best mathematics experience is one of discovery and community.  To the best of the program’s ability, we strive to provide opportunities for you to struggle against rigorous mathematics in a team-based environment, where you will be asked to wrestle with challenging topics.  We recognize that this is a time-dependent matter, and want to consider the underlying financial implications of your investment. To this end, besides not charging for participation in AMP, we have secured limited funding for members of underrepresented groups.  Please don’t feel shy about applying for funding. The application for funding may be completed as a separate form after completing the application for registration. Priority will be given to participants who are signed up for the entire four weeks of the program.

The Advanced Mathematics Program seeks to uphold UC Riverside's Nondiscrimination policy http://diversity.ucr.edu/policies.html.



The Advanced Mathematics Program is a joint project of Math faculty, staff, and graduate students to provide additional extra curricular support for our undergraduate math majors. We aim to build community between the participants, as we believe greater success can be found through the support of our mentors and our peers.  The graduate students are organized under the AMP Coordinators which are appointed positions though the Math Department’s Graduate Student Association.


Funding and Support:

AMP was awarded a MAA TENSOR-SUMMA (Strengthening Underrepresented Minority Mathematics Achievement) grant which was be used to support underrepresented minority participants in our 2018 program. https://www.maa.org/programs-and-communities/outreach-initiatives/tensor-summa-grants

We will have news on funding for our 2019 program soon.

The UC Riverside Mathematics Department is providing space, funding for instructors and administrative support for the program.


Instructors: http://mathdept.ucr.edu/amp-instructors.html


2018 Speakers: http://mathdept.ucr.edu/amp-speakers.html



Dr. Po-Ning Chen poningc@ucr.edu Serves as the faculty adviser for the program. Dr. Chen deals with administration of the program and organizing and dispersing funding.

Alex Pokorny apoko001@ucr.edu is a Math PhD Student at UC Riverside who serves as an organizer of the AMP. Students who have questions about the program should feel free to email Alex.

Daniel Collister dcoll010@ucr.edu is a Math PhD student at UC Riverside.  He is an organizer of AMP and can be contacted about questions regarding the program and surrounding supports.


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