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Date Speaker Speaker's Institution Title/Abstract UCR Sponsor
02/01 Dr. Gilbert Strang MIT Multiplying and factoring matrices / Singular Value of Matrices and Data Science Dr. Yat Sun Poon
02/06 Dr. Gregory Chambers University of Chicago "Problems in Quantitative Geometry" Dr. Yat Sun Poon
Date Change
Dr. Arunima Ray Brandeis University "Knot theory in dimension 3.5" Dr. Yat Sun Poon
02/13 Dr. Hongbin Sun UC Berkeley "Arithmetic hyperbolic manifold groups contain nonseparable subgroups" Dr. Yat Sun Poon
02/15 Dr. Huan Lei Pacific Northwest National Laboratory "Data-driven approaches to quantify quasi-equilibrium and non-equilibrium dynamics for multiphysics biosystems" Dr. Mark Alber
*02/21* Date Change Dr. Anna Skripka University of Mexico "Noncommutative Analysis" Dr. Yat Sun Poon
02/22 Dr. Ignacio Rodriguez Brenes

UC Irvine

“Cell Lineages and Telomere Dynamics in

Dr. Mark Alber
03/01 Dr. Katarzyna Rejniak

H. Lee Moffitt Cancer center & Research Institute

“Transport phenomena in cancer development and treatment”

Dr. Mark Alber
03/13 Dr. Catherine Pfaff

UC Santa Barbara

"The outer automorphism group of the free group understood through topology, geometry, and dynamics"

Dr. Yat Sun Poon 
03/14 Dr. Zhenghe Zhang

Rice University

"Lyapunov exponents and spectral analysis of ergodic Schrödinger operators"

Dr. Yat Sun Poon
03/15 Dr. Philip Maini Head of the Wolfson Centre for Mathematical Biology in the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford, UK "Collective Cell Motion in Biology" Dr. Mark Alber
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