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Date Speaker Speaker's Institution Title/Abstract UCR Sponsor
1/9 Dr. Nathan Perlmutter Stanford "Moduli Spaces of Manifolds" Dr. Yat Sun Poon
1/16 Dr. Olga Turanova UCLA "Reaction-diffusion equations in biology" Dr. Yat Sun Poon
1/17 Dr. Matthew Durham Yale "Negative curvature phenomena in mapping class groups of surfaces" Dr. Yat Sun Poon
1/19 Dr. Michael Ehrig University of Sydney

"Lie superalgebras via Schur-Weyl duality and categorification"

Dr. Yat Sun Poon
1/19 Dr. Luca Di Cerbo Stony Brook University

"Negatively curved manifolds, Betti Numbers, and Singer's Conjecture"

Dr. Yat Sun Poon
1/22 Dr. Renato Bettiol University of Pennsylvania

"Bifurcation Theory in Geometric Analysis"

Dr. Yat Sun Poon
1/23 Dr. Bobby Wilson MIT

"Projections in Banach Spaces and Harmonic Analysis"

Dr. Yat Sun Poon
1/23 Dr. Tarik Aougab Brown University "Geodesic currents, counting curves, and moduli of graphs" Dr. Yat Sun Poon
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