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1. Greenstein, J. 1998. Extension of a Theorem of Kostant for Affine Algebras. Journal of Algebra. p.290-301. (Refereed)  

2. Greenstein, J. 2000. Characters of Bounded sl(2)Λ Modules. Journal of Algebra. p.540-557. (Refereed)  

3. Greenstein, J., Joseph, A. 2001. A Chevalley-Kostant Presentation of Basic Modules for sl(2)Λ and the Associated Affine KPRV Determinants at q = 1. Bulletin des Sciences mathematiques. p.85-108. (Refereed)  

4. Chari, V., Greenstein, J. 2003. Quantum Loop Modules. Representation Theory. p.56-80. (Refereed)  

5. Greenstein, J. 2003. Littelmann's path crystal and combinatorics of certain integrable sle+1 modules of level zero. Journal of Algebra. p.347-372. (Refereed) 

6. Greenstein, J. 2003. Characters of Simple Bounded Modules over an Untwisted Affine Lie Algebra. Algebras and Representation Theory. p.119-137. (Refereed)  

7. Greenstein, J., Lamprou, P. 2004. Path Model for Quantum Loop Modules of Fundamental Type. International Mathematics Research Notices. p.675-711. (Refereed)  

8. Chari, V., Greenstein, J. 2005. Filtrations and Completions of Certain Positive Level Modules of Affine Algebras. Advances in Mathematics. p.296-331. (Refereed)  

9. Chari, V., Greenstein, J. 2005. An application of free Lie algebras to polynomial current algebras and their representation theory. Contemporary of Mathematics. p.15-31. (Refereed)  

10. Chari, V., Greenstein, J. 2007. Current algebras, highest weight categories and quivers. Advances in Mathematics. p.811-840. (Refereed)  

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